Medical examination drivers license


You must be medically fit to drive a motorized vehicle on Dutch public road. The physical and mental requirements are laid down in regeling eisen geschiktheid 2000 en in de wijziging regelingeisen geschiktheid (suitability requirements 2000 and in the amendment to suitability requirements).

When applying for/renewing your drivers license, it is usually sufficient to fill in a so-called  Gezondheidsverklaring (Health Declaration) and send it to the CBR (Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen). 

In specific cases, in addition to the self-declaration, a medical examination by an independent doctor is also necessary:

  • At age 75; thereafter every five years upon renewal of the driving license

  • When answering a question with 'yes' on the Health Declaration

  • In case of a change in the health situation
  • On application (exam) and renewal of driving license C (E) (truck) or D (E)

  • When applying for and extending a driver's pass for taxi and Medibus

What do you have to do?

You must complete a health declaration prior to the medical examination and send it to the CBR.

You can purchase the Health Declaration (Gezondheidsverklaring) from most municipalities and/or download it after payment to the CBR via the CBR website: (log in with your DigiD code is required). If you have sent the Health Declaration (by post or digitally), you will receive the necessary papers from the CBR after one to a few weeks (an empty inspection report). After receiving the (empty) examination report, you can make an appointment (via the website) with the examining physician/company doctor.

If you have received other forms from the CBR in addition to the examination report, which state: 'to be completed by a (general) doctor or medical examiner' ((huis)arts of keuringsarts), then take them with you to the medical examiner.

We cannot take care of forms that state: 'to be completed by a (medical) specialist' (eg general practitioner, cardiologist, internist or ophthalmologist). You must make an appointment with the relevant specialist for this. You can find an independent medical specialist via:

For neurological and psychiatric examinations we refer to:

Bring to the medical examination:

  • ZD-CODE  (or an empty inspection report)*
  • Current driver's license (if not in possession then passport or ID)
  • If applicable: glasses
  • If applicable: contact lenses + specification of contact lens strength (if necessary, ask the optician).
  • Any medication: list of medication use (or medication passport, available from your pharmacy)
  • Any other relevant medical information.

* You will receive the ZD code from the CBR. The ZD code can be found on the referral letter and on the (empty) inspection report. You will find these documents in My CBR (Mijn Dossier/Mijn Gezondheidsverklaringen.

What will the medical examiner do?

The medical examiner assesses the general physical condition, mental condition and the functioning of the arms, legs and spine. Blood pressure, vision and hearing are tested; are tested for diabetes. The doctor examines in accordance with the requirements and risks drawn up by the CBR.

  • Fill in the blank inspection report.
  • Biometrics: blood pressure measurement, glucose measurement.
  • Physical examination (including eyes, nervous system, balance, posture and musculoskeletal system).
  • If the medical examiner considers it necessary, additional examinations will follow.

After the medical examination

If you bring the ZD code with you, the medical examiner will handle everything electronically for you. You do not need to do anything further. If you wish, you can also send the examination report completed by the doctor yourself (by post) to the CBR after the examination.

The medical examiner is not allowed to make statements about the result. The examination findings are assessed by the medical advisor of the CBR. The medical advisor of the CBR will decide on a possible follow-up procedure or whether you are fit to drive and will inform you about this.


I do drivers license examinations (by appointment) in the evenings from 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Location: Geestbrugweg 6, 2281 CK Rijswijk (ZH). 

Drivers License C/D/E (Groot)     |    € 90,- 

When applying for or renewing a driving license C (truck) or D (bus).

Drivers License 75 + B/E                |    € 90,-

Renew or apply for a drivers license after 75th birthday.

Drivers license Medical B/E          |    € 90,- 

If a question on the Health Declaration has been filled in with 'yes'  and for everyone (including 75+) with a valid driver's license whose health status has changed.

Extra time supplement                  |   € 37,50 

€ 37.50 surcharge per 15 minutes that the examination at the medical examiner takes longer (in consultation)

Administrative costs                       |   € 30,00

If, for whatever reason, the inspection cannot be completed in 1x (for example, forgetting to bring information, requesting or providing additional information), additional administration costs may be charged. 

Request additional medical information

If it is necessary to request additional information from specialists or the general practitioner, the additional costs will be charged separately. The national maximum rates for the provision of information apply to this.

Laboratory costs

In some cases, the medical examiner must have a laboratory examination carried out as part of the driving license test, for example a blood test. Themedical examiner will charge the costs of the laboratory examination separately. The national maximum rates for laboratory tests apply to this

No Show

Appointments must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise the full amount will be charged.

All rates INCLUDE 21% VAT [You can use PIN]

For all rates, other agreements can be made (in advance) where appropriate, depending on the complexity of the problem or specific circumstances.

PLEASE NOTE: The inspection location is not wheelchair accessible. There is no elevator. If you have difficulty walking, please contact us first.